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What Are NVQs ?

NVQs are based on standards set by industry and accepted as representing best practice. As a result of this, many professional institutes now accept NVQs as an entry points for membership.

NVQs offer a route which is based on demonstrated ability and understanding rather than examination. It still requires considerable planning, time management and commitment, but it is flexible and effective.

Each NVQ is composed of a number of units which must be achieved. Therefore each unit is, in a sense, a small qualification in its own right. The unit sets out exactly what the candidate must be able to do and the standard which  must be attained. Candidates select which units are most appropriate for them, and are awarded certificates to show the unit credits they have achieved. When this format is delivered in the workplace, it becomes a powerful tool for change. Recognising the development potential, it is significant that many employers now offer NVQs as part of their employment package.

Our Approach to NVQs

The best way to learn is to do the job. We can help people to get the very best out of themselves. As an accredited National Vocational Qualifications Centre we work with candidates to help them demonstrate their skills in the workplace.

We strongly encourage our candidates to develop their NVQ evidence from current work projects, or projects they develop to both match their needs and the needs of their employers. They can be integrated as a strong motivator for organisational change and development. In this way the candidates achieve their NVQ and their employer will benefit either financially or in terms of operational efficiency. NVQs are not a paper gathering exercise.













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